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Photo Retoucher – Graphic Designer – Web Designer

Posted by on Feb 21, 2014 in Web Design | Comments Off on Photo Retoucher – Graphic Designer – Web Designer

Darlanne of Darlanne.com is one of the most talented solo web developers, web designers, graphic artists and photo retouchers indabiz. With 14 years of Web Design experience, she has garnered many loyal clients and has built her own site portfolio as well, including the huge hit: DexterBlog.com. She is an amazing photo retoucher and her site illustrates before and after retouching pictures which prove her adept Photoshop abilities. Darlanne is also a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

Graphic Designer

Her site features an impressive portfolio showing off her skills in designing innovative blogs to fully featured websites including automotive niche related sites and a few edgier designs including the blog about the tv show Dexter and a celebrity gossip blog. Though Darlanne lives and works in Big Bear, California, she has clients all over the country who use her web design, graphic artist and photo retouching service. Darlanne also designed my adult blog writer website, BlogStarGirl, back in 2008 and I’ve used her graphic artist and photo retouching services on other projects. I definitely recommend Darlanne.com if you are looking for a Photo Retoucher – Graphic Designer – Web Designer who provides a close personal working relationship with you on any type of web design, graphic design project or photo retouching wizardry you need fulfilled. Since she is a solo web designer, her rates are also very affordable. Some individuals and small businesses prefer using solo web developers to larger web design houses. If this is your preference too, use the Contact Form on Darlanne.com to get in touch with Darlanne. Darlanne also creates stunning custom WordPress themes.

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SEO Analysis Software

Posted by on Mar 4, 2014 in SEO | Comments Off on SEO Analysis Software

Stay on top of the SERPs and stay on top of the competition when you use the same seo software that major Fortune 500 companies and their major brands use… including Disney, MTV, Microsoft, Amazon, Sony, Siemens and Apple. This powerful seo optimization software can not only help you keep on top of the key search results that generate organic search traffic, but also give you the power to analyze your rankings, keywords, linking, traffic and more. AdvancedWebRanking.com developed this seo analysis software to give you the in-depth tracking tools, so that you can continually analyze your specific data results. There is an old saying, “he who hesitates is lost” and with search engine rankings, he who hesitates and does not react when situations demand immediate action, will be lost and potentially lose key positioning on the major search engines. Research currently shows that the majority of web surfers do not go deep into search results. If your website or webpages aren’t high up in the SERPs, you are essentially lost. With seo optimization software, you can maintain your valuable rankings or achieve higher rankings if you apply superior SEO expertise. The Advanced Web Ranking software works with Google, Bing and Yahoo. Software application menus and reporting are available in languages other than English including Spanish, German, French, Italian and Polish. And rankings can also be tracked for keywords in languages with alternate characters such as Cyrillic and Hebrew plus these Asian languages: Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

The top SEO consultants and agencies around the globe also utilize the seo analysis software from Advanced Web Ranking as dedicated software to provide SEO consulting services to their elite clientele. SEO in-house staff at top corporations and solo entrepreneurs also use the same seo optimization software from Advanced Web Ranking. If you need this same level of seo optimization for your website or websites, you should Take a Features Tour and see what this software can do for you. You can also option a Free 30 Day Trial to test the power and results of the seo optimization software. Pricing is scaled by the features of the seo optimization software packages. The Advanced Web Ranking software is affordable for businesses of all sizes. In fact, most businesses consider seo optimization software to be an investment that pays off by giving them the tools and analytics to increase organic search traffic then turn that traffic into sales or build brand awareness.

You can also synch up the AdvancedWebRanking.com software to your Google Analytics accounts to fortify the knowledge of your website visitor behavior. Visitor behavior will show you if you need to make changes to your landing page or to specific pages especially if your bounce rate is high. One of the most critical new areas where Advanced Web Ranking seo analysis software has specialized is measuring social performance and social behavior with Social Media analysis and optimization including tracking activities on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Competition Analysis is a major niche where Advanced Web Ranking software also excels. Don’t hesitate. Take a Features Tour and try the software Free for 30 days.

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What is PageRank?

Posted by on Feb 17, 2014 in SEO | Comments Off on What is PageRank?

What is PageRank and how is it calculated?

Many people aren’t exactly sure: What is PageRank? …or how it’s calculated by Google. If you query people about PageRank, most are definitely aware of Toolbar PageRank, which on a scale of 0 – 10, with zero being the lowest and ten being the highest, Google ranks websites based on factors in their proprietary and dynamic algorithm. SEO (search engine optimization) experts typically agree that the key factor in determining Toolbar PageRank are the PR values of incoming links. In essence, Toolbar PageRank comes down to a popularity contest for any website to garner incoming links from websites or webpages with high PR to increase their own PR. PageRank is often referred to by its acronym: PR. So, if you are reading an article and see someone mentioning a website that is a PR2 or PR3, the reference is to the Toolbar PageRank value of the website being PR of 2 or PR of 3. Google generally updates PR on a quarterly basis. However, PR is always in flux until the next update, whether the Toolbar PageRank has actually changed isn’t known until the update is actualized. Lately, Google has been giving monikers to its PageRank updates that incorporate new factors into the algorithm or give certain factors more weight than others… recent Google updates have been named Google Caffeine, Google Panda and Google Fresh. However, SEO experts reiterate that the strongest element in determining Toolbar PageRank is the combined values of inbound links to a particular website.

How Can I Increase My PageRank?

•Attract inbound links by having content on your site that will make people want to link to your site
from sites with higher PR in related niches.

•Look for places where you can place one-way links to your sites from social networking sites, wikis,
forums and directories that have higher PR.

•Write relevant articles for directories or on websites seeking written material or write guest posts on blogs seeking related content and place strategic backlinks to your site.

White hat (Google compliant) methods to increase PageRank are the best way to legitimately increase PR. Black hat (non-compliant) methods such as buying backlinks or link scheming are negative ways to increase PR and can possibly result in a site being penalized or “sandbagged” by Google for participating in such practices. However, it is not uncommon for webmasters operating sites in similar niches to exchange links in a mutually beneficial arrangement especially in their websites’ Blogrolls. This is still not a practice advocated by Google, but countless websites participate in this popular link exchange arrangement.

How Can I Learn More about PageRank?

There are many resources on PageRank written by SEO gurus and PageRank experts for you to learn more about PageRank. If you want to build a basis of knowledge, the Wikipedia entry on “PageRank Original Formula” is a good starting point. Then there are several popular and often cited articles by Google’s own Matt Cutts, including “Text Links and PageRank” and “PageRank Sculpting”. Google Webmaster Central is a good source of information with an active webmaster Q&A.

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Visualization Material

Posted by on Jan 23, 2014 in Design Elements | Comments Off on Visualization Material

There is a hot niche in visualizations especially for architects and planners using visual design programs where visualization material such as pictures or silhouettes of cut out people and animals are inserted into designs and renderings. Now instead of using expensive visualization agencies to do the creatives, epictor.com features ready-made images of cut out people or silhouettes or human templates that can be used in visualizations. Extreme care has been taken in cropping and creating these visualization material images. Then, these images will be delivered in TIF file format to you. This means the TIF format picture images will be compatible with visualization software programs including: Adobe Photoshop, Chaos Group VRay, Autodesk Autocad and Autodesk Autocad 3D Studio plus Maxon Cinema 4D. So, if you are looking for an architectural visualisation entourage, epictor.com is your go-to source.

If you need your architectural or other visual design plan to come alive with realistic or silhouetted people instead of just a simple unpopulated rendering of a park design or building design or urban design, then you need to insert cut out people or silhouettes in your visualizations. A visualization without people in the visualization will look harsh and uninviting. Using the visualization material including cut out people that epictor features will make all the difference in presenting the final visualization. These visualizations represent your company image, so your visualizations have to look impressive. The epictor cut out people and silhouettes are available in all ages and styles from casual to recreational to business, etc., so there is visualization material to fit all your design needs and renderings.

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Mobile Fonts

Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 in Web Design | Comments Off on Mobile Fonts

Web designers are designing websites for mobile friendly browsing or designing mobile websites purely for mobile browsing and need mobile fonts for these designs. There has been a huge surge in utilization of mobile devices for web browsing. Mobile industry analysts predict that the world is going “mobile” and in the not-too-distant future, it will be an absolute necessity that websites feature mobile browser compatibility. However, what many designers are overlooking when designing or redesigning websites for mobile browsing is that the fonts they are selecting for their designs, may not be mobile friendly or easily viewable using mobile browsers. And most web designers don’t have the ability to check their web designs using all popular mobile phones used for browsing including the iPhone, Android Phone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7.

Bluetrain Mobile provides a platform that enables businesses to create and manage custom mobile websites. In addition, Bluetrain Mobile has researched and listed mobile safe fonts, so if you are a web designer or web developer or DIY designer (meaning you design your own sites), you absolutely must bookmark the article on mobile fonts to be sure the fonts you choose for your sites’ CSS and CMS will be optimal for mobile browsers. The Bluetrain Mobile platform already includes built-in mobile web-safe fonts as part of the CMS (content management system). When you sign up with Bluetrain Mobile, you can be assured that mobile fonts are included as part of the CMS service that you will receive as a Bluetrain Mobile client. You can even use their onsite Mobile Grader by entering your site’s URL to see how well it performs on Mobile Browsers. I decided to test one of my sites and scored 98 / 100, but I’ve been working on mobile compatibility on all my sites since 2011. Test the mobile compatibility of your site for free using the Bluetrain Mobile Grader. And if you’re interested in Bluetrain Mobile websites services, they also offer a 30 Day Free Trial.

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How to Make a Website

Posted by on Jan 4, 2014 in Web Design | Comments Off on How to Make a Website

If you need to learn how to make a website and don’t have a clue where to start, click over to 2MakeaWebsite.com – a free, easy virtual guide for noobs and beginners without tech experience. The site features free tutorials, videos and more tools to get you started on your way to making a website. You can begin by reading an online business eBook so you know how to approach your website from a business standpoint if your website is going to be business-oriented and not personal in nature. There are also tips for a business website owner as far as making money online. Plus, getting traffic to a business website is critical to making money online. There are other tips on making a website including knowing your personality, so that you know what type of website will work best for you. And in addition, you should check out the details re: whether a blog is the right type of website for you. A blog requires frequent updating vs. a static website which requires less updating. Plus, there is an entire article on how blogging actually works.

One of the first steps after you have completed the research on your website and before you launch yourself into your new website biz or blog or personal site is to register a domain name. This is your website name. 2MakeaWebsite.com instructs you on this critical step in getting onto the web. Making a website should be simplified. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on video or online courses on making a website, using the tutorials and articles on 2MakeaWebsite.com gives you the knowledge to get started now. The website entrepreneur who launched 2 Make a Website has over 10 years of internet and website experience to share with all the newbies and non-techie types who want to get onto the world wide web.

Owning a website can be fun, it can be a hobby or it can be a business. Personally, I own quite a few websites in different niches, but the majority of these websites are blogs. When I began with my first site, which I still own, back in 1998, there was no resource I could find on starting a website. I just registered a domain name and began doing painstaking hand-coding of html since blogging really hadn’t arrived or hadn’t been popularized back then. I wish that a website like 2MakeaWebsite.com had been available as a resource. It would have streamlined the process for me and made it much easier to launch my first site. While I learned the hard way, from zero knowledge, that doesn’t have to be the case now. Plus, there really is no need to buy tutorials or pay a consultant or buy expensive eBooks when there is so much free information on making a website available online. Many webmasters and webmistresses wish to share their experiences and knowledge on how to make a website, because it will foster future growth of web entrepreneurs. Isn’t there a saying: The experienced should teach the inexperienced? And this holds true with making a website.

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